5 Attributes That Make A Woman Powerful


Women have always been considered as the better-half of the society. From the position of being mere child-bearers and object of beauty, women have travelled a long way off. However, there is also a sad part. No matter how much women develop themselves and take part in the society, the society will always have a patriarchal trait and women at some percentage are victims. But brushing aside the negativity, here we are going to see some of the factors that make a woman powerful.

Mental strength:

While being a woman is a role for itself to play in this society, a woman also has to play the role of a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter and what not. In order to bring a balance between the roles that she takes up, she has to have a lot of mental strength. The better the strength, the more powerful she becomes.

Unaffected by criticism:

We live in a world where there is a lot of judgements and criticisms. The only way in which people around us can contribute to our development is the ruthless judgments and criticisms that they can throw at us. Women who don’t succumb to these things are the ones who are really powerful. This is the type of woman who knows her worth and doesn’t let stupid criticisms break her down.

Matured enough to ask help and express:

Most women tend to conceal their feelings. This is because they are either scared or timid to express themselves. But this is not in the nature of a strong woman. She is always expressive of her feelings and isn’t afraid to seek help when she feels like asking. She understands that asking help or being expressive isn’t going to make her look weak. This is what is going to make her look powerful.

She is not a man’s woman:

It is true that all of us have a role to play with the opposite gender, but that doesn’t mean that a woman has to act with the aim of pleasing a man. The rules of the society are framed in such a way that they always force a woman to act the way a man wants. But that is not in the rule book of a powerful woman, and she is not someone who lives to follow all these stereotypes.

Doesn’t brags about herself:

There is a huge difference between a powerful woman and a woman who thinks she is powerful but isn’t. A powerful woman knows how to exercise her strength without having to speak about it. Her power will make people stumble, and men will stutter when they talk. That is the type of influence the presence of a powerful woman can have. She doesn’t have to verbally say how powerful she is and brag about it socially. Any woman who keeps bragging about it is not a part of the powerful league! Know More


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