Advantages Of Bending Metal Pipes


Induction pipe bending is a procedure when heat is needed on a specific part of a metal section pipe or maybe a tube, to be able to let it bend easily. The heating is applied using an induction coil warmed to a preset heat to make the metallic a bend of a preset radius. The procedure is also known as warm pipe bending.

The heat on the coil ranges from 800 2,200 amounts with respect to the metal type, its thickness, temper, and grade of the section. The procedure entails applying pressure on the metallic as the coil is hot therefore enabling easy bending. When the preferred radius of bend is attained, the area is cooled with a bath or maybe air spray.


The advantages of induction pipe bending:

There are many benefits of bending metal pipes using this particular technique:

Because the task entails heating a specific part of the pipe, it makes sure that the distortion on the area is minimal when the bending procedure is finished.
The volume of energy needed to handle the process is least, the task leads to methods which have higher energy efficiency.
Induction pipe bending doesn’t need inner mandrels as well as sand filling, therefore saving on cost.
The procedure doesn’t take very long set alongside another metal bending techniques, therefore contributing to its cost-effectiveness.
The necessity for mechanical or welded joints is eliminated by this process meaning that there’s no requirement for smoothening the surfaces for a neat surface.

The uses of Induction Pipe Bending:

The procedure for bending can be utilized for almost any metal as well as alloys including metal and for all sorts of pipe sections. In typical instances, this metal bending method is utilized on massive pipes like the oil pipelines. Nevertheless, its use also includes smaller pipe sections including farming springs and programs.

Induction pipe bending is frequently unclear with hot rolling. The latter is really very different which requires replacing the thickness and condition of the metal after warming it to some required temperature called the essential temperature. The method is frequently used for metal sheets in which the whole sheet is heated then rolled to a preferred radius. Its apps are restricted since it of its relatively reduced energy and also cost-effectiveness efficiency. The sections thus produced are usually utilized as feed for coming mills or even straight for fabrication. Enpro offers a complete range of API 5CT casing and tubing for all types of Steel Piping and production demands.


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