What Are The Different Types Of Human Rights?


Human Rights have always defined by a lot of people the way they wish it be. But in general human rights is something that let us be the way we wish to be, and exercise our civil, political and social rights without any force or coercion. This is the basic thing that we have to understand about human rights. I have always had this feeling that we neither understand what human rights are nor do we exercise it at the right time. So here we are going to explain the different types of human rights and see if this can help us follow them better.

The major types of human rights are as follows:

  • Fundamental Rights

  • Social rights

  • Civil and political rights

Now let us have a detailed look at them.

Fundamental rights:

Take a look at the fundamental rights that form the basis of our human rights. The first part of any right is the fundamental rights of human beings. This without any restraining clause applies to any human being across the globe. That is why we call them the fundamental rights of all human beings. Almost all the countries have their own set of fundamental rights, and all of it includes 6 rights in common. It includes right to speech, right to follow our own language, religion and culture, right to liberty, right to seek redressal, right to expression and so on.

Social Rights:

Social rights are the right that protects the interest of the minority community. That is one of the reasons why minority community can survive along with others without any differences. The rights of the minority community are protected by the law and others cannot intervene or deprive them of their rights. These are some of the things that form a part of the social rights.

Civil and political rights:

All of us live in a democratic country. So nobody can question the civil and political rights that we can enjoy as the citizens of the land. The civil and political rights include the right to vote, right to exercise the law and to enjoy the political rights. The right to address oneself in the court and the right to sue others along with the right to take part in the election are all a part of these civil and political rights. These rights are generally framed and maintained for the welfare of the civilians of the country.

Human rights, in general, are framed for the welfare of general public. There are a lot of people that suffer on a regular basis. These human right try to preserve the rights of the oppressed. Irrespective of whether the person rich or poor, educated or illiterate, the human rights of the nation will preserve the rights of the people.


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